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Our Free Desktop Wallpaper Images
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Fall Colors
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Ghost Towns
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Lighthouses
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Ships
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Our YouTube Videos
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Algoma Enterprise
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Alpena
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) American Century
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) American Courage
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Baie Comeau
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Boyer Willis B.
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Callaway Cason J.
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) CSL Tadoussac
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Forty Mile Point
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Frontenac
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Jackson Herbert C.
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Kuber James L.
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Lakes Contender
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Lighthouses
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Michipicoten
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Munson John G.
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Oberstar Hon. James L.
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Ojibway
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Pathfinder
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Presque Isle
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Pt Iroquois
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Saginaw
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Shelly J.W.
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Speer Edgar B.
8x8bluespacer.jpg (522 bytes) stuck in ice at Rock Cut
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Sunsets
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Thompson Joseph H.
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Tregurtha Lee A.
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Tregurtha Paul R.
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Whitefish Point
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes) Visit us on YouTube

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Your first stop for Great Lakes Desktop Wallpaper and Screensavers!

Welcome to Great Lakes Digital Imaging. The intent of this site is to allow our visitors to explore Great Lakes Ships, Lighthouses and other points of interest through Great Lakes
screensavers and digital photo images that can be saved as desktop wallpaper.

We currently have images of Great Lakes Ships, Great Lakes Lighthouses, Ghost Towns, Fall Colors and Sunsets. Right-click on any full-sized image and then "save as desktop wallpaper." We also offer FREE Great Lakes Lighthouse and Great Lakes Ship screensavers!

We recently added photos of ships Federal Kushiro, Ojibway Ghost town Vermilion, and videos of Ojibway James L. Kuber Tadoussac Herbert C. Jackson and Hon James L. Oberstar.

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FREE Great Lakes Screensaver Downloads!

Download your FREE Great Lakes Lighthouse Screensaver HERE!
Download your FREE Great
Lakes Lighthouse Screensaver HERE!
Download your FREE Great Lakes Ship Screensaver HERE!
Download your FREE Great
Lakes Ship Screensaver HERE!

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FREE Great Lakes Desktop Wallpaper!

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Great Lakes Links
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Crisp Point Light
8x8bluespacer.jpg (522 bytes)Historical Society
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)DeTour Reef Light
8x8bluespacer.jpg (522 bytes)Preservation Society
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Duluth Harbor Cam
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Diamond Jack's
8x8bluespacer.jpg (522 bytes)River Tours
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Dick's Great Lakes
8x8bluespacer.jpg (522 bytes)Ship Photos
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Great Lakes
8x8bluespacer.jpg (522 bytes)Shipwreck Museum
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Great Lakes Vessel
8x8bluespacer.jpg (522 bytes)Image Database
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Icebreaker Mackinaw
8x8bluespacer.jpg (522 bytes)Maritime Museum
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)James A. Shoonmaker
8x8bluespacer.jpg (522 bytes)Museum
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Marine Historical
8x8bluespacer.jpg (522 bytes)Society of Detroit
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Marine Traffic
8x8bluespacer.jpg (522 bytes)Ship Locatornewgif.gif (123 bytes)

8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Pasty Central
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Saginaw River
8x8bluespacer.jpg (522 bytes)Images
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Snow Depth Map newgif.gif (123 bytes)
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)William G. Mather
8x8bluespacer.jpg (522 bytes)Museum

Great Lakes

8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Cuyahoga River
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Detroit River (WDIV)
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Detroit River (Belle Isle)
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Duluth Entry
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Duluth Lift Bridge
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Duluth Harbor
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Eagle Harbor Mi
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Grand Haven
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)International Bridge
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Mackinac Bridge
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Mackinac City
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Mackinac Island
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Marine City Mi
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Marquette Mi
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Paradise Mi
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Portage Lift Bridge
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Port Huron
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Soo Locks
8x8bluebulletspacer.jpg (537 bytes)Soo Locks (Karl's Cusine)