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tn_tadoussac01_jpg.jpg (2024 bytes)   Tadoussac loading grain at Toledo.

tn_calcitelltaylorsloan01_jpg.jpg (1934 bytes)   Taylor Myron C. and fleetmates Calcite II, George A. Sloan at 2000 winter lay-up Sarnia.

tn_calcitelltaylorsloan03_jpg.jpg (1998 bytes)   Taylor Myron C. and fleetmates Calcite II, George A. Sloan another view.   Thompson Joseph H. upbound on the Detroit River at the Ambassador (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)   Thompson Joseph H. upbound near the St. Clair (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)

tn_thompsonjosephh006_jpg.jpg (1962 bytes)   Thompson Joseph H. upbound on lower Lake (1116 bytes)

tn_townsendpaulh01_jpg.jpg (1656 bytes)   Townsend Paul H. transfering a load of concrete at (1116 bytes)

tn_tregurthaleea01_jpg.jpg (1825 bytes)   Tregurtha Lee A. upbound in the St. Marys River near Mission Point.

tn_tregurthaleea02_jpg.jpg (1907 bytes)   Tregurtha Lee A. inbound on the Rouge River approaching the Dix Road bridge.

tn_tregurthaleea04_jpg.jpg (1810 bytes)   Tregurtha Lee A. Downbound on the St Marys River at Mission (1116 bytes)

tn_tregurthaleea05_jpg.jpg (1810 bytes)   Tregurtha Lee A. Downbound at Mission Point. Another (1116 bytes)

tn_tregurthapaulr01_jpg.jpg (1910 bytes)   Tregurtha Paul R. outbound on the St. Clair River passing under the Blue Water Bridge.

tn_tregurthapaulr02_jpg.jpg (1673 bytes)   Tregurtha Paul R. upbound below the Soo Locks.   Tregurtha Paul R. upbound at Mission (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)   Tucker Captain Ralph at summer lay-up, Sarnia (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)

tn_tuvao01_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Tuvao at the Government Dock, Sarnia (1116 bytes)


tn_uscg4726501_jpg.jpg (1673 bytes)   USCG 4726501 passing the South Breakwall lightentering at Duluth (1116 bytes)

V   Valley Camp museum ship at Sault Ste. Marie (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)   Vandoc (left) with fleetmate Quedoc, waiting to be scrapped. Soo (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)

tn_voyagerindependent01_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Voyager Independent downbound on the Detroit River flanked by the Speer .digital.gif (1116 bytes)

tn_voyagerindependent02_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Voyager Independent another (1116 bytes)


tn_wawatam01_jpg.jpg (1841 bytes)   Wawatam (Chief) docked in Mackinaw City before conversion to a barge in 1986.

tn_wawatam02_jpg.jpg (2182 bytes)   Wawatam (barge) at power plant dock, Sault Ste Marie Ontario.   Wescott II J. W. along side of the H. Lee White delivering mail at (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)   White Fred downbound entering the St. Clair River at Port (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)   White H. Lee upbound under the Ambassador Bridge receiving (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)   White H. Lee upbound at the Soo, waiting to lock (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)   Wolverine 2002-2003 winter lay-up at Toledo (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)





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