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Great Lakes Fall Images

Welcome to our Great Lakes Fall image desktop wallpaper page. Below you will find thumbnailed images of Fall Colors taken from around the Great Lakes. To see a 1024x768, 1152x768, 1280x920 or a wide screen 1600x900 image, click on the text below the thumbnailed image that represents your screen resolution, when the photo loads, right click and "save as desktop wallpaper." All rows of thumbnails with a newgif.gif (123 bytes)after them have been added to the site recently.

Please return to our Home page to see digital images of Great Lakes Ships, Great Lakes Lighthouses, Michigan Ghost Towns, Sunset images. and links to other interesting Great Lakes websites.

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 fall017tn.jpg (1736 bytes)  fall018tn.jpg (1736 bytes)  fall019tn.jpg (1736 bytes)  fall020tn.jpg (1736 bytes)  fall021tn.jpg (1736 bytes)  fall022tn.jpg (1736 bytes)  fall023tn.jpg (1736 bytes)  
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 fall047tn.jpg (1736 bytes)  fall048tn.jpg (1736 bytes)  fall049tn.jpg (1736 bytes)  fall050tn.jpg (1736 bytes)  fall051tn.jpg (1736 bytes)  fall052tn.jpg (1736 bytes)  fall053tn.jpg (1736 bytes)  

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